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Month: March 2021

My readings

Each time I will conduct a reading it will take at least one hour. I will always require your first name as it is essential for my one hour meditation beforehand. Once I am tuned in I will communicate with your guides. As a clairvoyant I receive messages and visions that are relevant for you. The spirits that come through are visible to me. Be it lost relative, cat or dog. I can see the lot....
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What’s in a name?

To explain my name, Wolf. It is actually Wolfram, which means in German strong like a Wolf and smart like a raven. But everyone calls me Wolf. As I started my business 25 years ago I just put the meaning and profession together, The Psychic Wolf. The above artwork is made by a native American Apache I met at a Pow Wow in Houston/ Texas. It is hand-carved and is decorating my reading room.
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