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How did you became a clairvoyant?

How did you become a clairvoyant? I often get asked. Well first of all I believe I always had the ability. When I was living in Germany as far back as I can remember I always was able to see things. I knew I was living in New Zealand at some stage and I saw my wife before I met her. I was able to see the winner of soccer games before they started to play. But I never thought it was a special...
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What is a reading

A lot of times I get ask , what a reading actually is. It is usually a way to connect to people that have crossed over. It takes some preparation for an hour by meditation to tune in. Once I have established a connection it usually flows. The most important issue is that people can’t move on and are stuck in grief. Now grieving is a very personal matter and can take a long time. For everyone...
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