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What is life?

What is life? The best explanation I have ever found was in a book by Neal Donald Walsh and it goes like this. It is an experience. I assume you as a reader now what a lava lamp is. Imagine the wax at the bottom is your soul. Now every soul wants to grow and the quickest way to do so is by experience. It has the desire to experience everything it can you name it. Hot or cold , left or righ...
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What is like to die?

What is it like to die? I get that question asked frequently. First of all at some stage the physical body you are occupying right now, will cease to exist. That’s what is commonly called dying. But there is a lot more to it. You can not die unless your spirit is agreeing to it! Now it gets interesting what death actually is. Death does not exist without birth. The moment you were born here,...
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How did you became a clairvoyant?

How did you become a clairvoyant? I often get asked. Well first of all I believe I always had the ability. When I was living in Germany as far back as I can remember I always was able to see things. I knew I was living in New Zealand at some stage and I saw my wife before I met her. I was able to see the winner of soccer games before they started to play. But I never thought it was a special...
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What is a reading

A lot of times I get ask , what a reading actually is. It is usually a way to connect to people that have crossed over. It takes some preparation for an hour by meditation to tune in. Once I have established a connection it usually flows. The most important issue is that people can’t move on and are stuck in grief. Now grieving is a very personal matter and can take a long time. For everyone...
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My readings

Each time I will conduct a reading it will take at least one hour. I will always require your first name as it is essential for my one hour meditation beforehand. Once I am tuned in I will communicate with your guides. As a clairvoyant I receive messages and visions that are relevant for you. The spirits that come through are visible to me. Be it lost relative, cat or dog. I can see the lot....
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What’s in a name?

To explain my name, Wolf. It is actually Wolfram, which means in German strong like a Wolf and smart like a raven. But everyone calls me Wolf. As I started my business 25 years ago I just put the meaning and profession together, The Psychic Wolf. The above artwork is made by a native American Apache I met at a Pow Wow in Houston/ Texas. It is hand-carved and is decorating my reading room.
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