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Wolfram answers your questions on this page.

How does it work?

A) I am a clairvoyant and clairsentened. That means I am seeing the information given to me. I also feel and pick up pain and emotions, that gets put through me. I do not smell or hear things. It is like daydreaming or watching a DVD. I will then tell you what I get shown by your guides or spiritual helpers.

What can I expect from a reading?

A) I always start my readings with an introduction. I will always tell you not to expect anything, as I have no control and say in the matter. You will receive information that will be beneficial for you for your current life. Who will come through to talk to you is out of my control.

I see you do Skype readings?

A) Yes. www.skype.com is an application for computers and easy to download and to install.If you like I am willing to do readings on Facetime or Facebook/ Massenger as well. I always prefer a personal atmosphere for a reading between two people or more if you request. Skype does that. I can see you on my computer screen and talk to you simultanously. I believe phone readings are too expensive and a matter of the past.

Can you see all the things that I have done in my life?

Absolutley not. As I have no input in what I get shown. Secondly who would want to. It has no meaning to me, as I only bring messages across shown to me by your guides.

Can you talk to my mum/dad/son/daughter or relative that has past over?

A) Once again, yes I can. Do they come through in a reading? I can’t promise that. I will always try to establish a connection.Especially souls that have just passed over are difficult to connect with. But they can come through with the help of another relative that is more acustomed to the other realm.

Some religions don’t approve talking to clairvoyants and psychics; What is your point of view?

A) Your beliefs are your own and I am not here to change that. For my part I only work for the greater good. I communicate with spirit guides and deceased /passed over ones. When I see the joy and relief of the people I read for after receiving messages and insight from a spirit I know that what I do is healing, helpful and good.

What is Karma?

A) Every thought and action we have and act out, will cause a re-action. I think the best answer came once from a bumper sticker. ‘The way you act will be your karma! The way I react will be mine!’

Do you believe in God?

A) God is the hot and the cold. He is the light and the darkness, She is the laughter and the sadness, God is the right and the left. God is everything there is! A life without God is not possible. As She is life and every imaginable ‘thing’ there is.