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How did you became a clairvoyant?

How did you become a clairvoyant? I often get asked. Well first of all I believe I always had the ability. When I was living in Germany as far back as I can remember I always was able to see things. I knew I was living in New Zealand at some stage and I saw my wife before I met her. I was able to see the winner of soccer games before they started to play. But I never thought it was a special ability only later in life I realised it was not so. But even today I believe everyone has this ability. Usually women more than men, as a woman uses a different body part…. meaning her heart. But I believe that it takes talent and passion to do it. And that is valid for everything, for some it just comes easier than for others.

What is always important to me is, that a reading is a personal experience and not made public. I myself have been to public readings of well known psychics and don’t get me wrong they do a fantastic job. I just don’t feel that the personal messages for me are for public audience. Therefore I have never done group readings for four or more people.