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Rural Living Magazine, March 2017, Issue 12

In astrological circles, there are many types of psychic gifts and types of readings-taro and angel cards, numerology, clairvoyance, channelling, psychometry, palmistry and more. What is your psychic gift?

Rural Living Magazine artcile on the sychic WolfA medium connects people on this planet to those that have passed to the other side. That would be me. Psychics use different tools/gifts such as those mentioned. I use my vision to see spirits or situations and issues related to the client. I’ve used the Tarot cards in the past but, once again, they are a visual tool. I have pretty much always had the ability to see things and initially took this for granted. It was only when I realized that what I was dreaming and seeing (clairvoyance) was becoming more and more accurate that I took it seriously.

What do most people hope to achieve through your clairvoyance?

In my experience, closure and getting on with life. When someone in a family dies suddenly they can leave a gaping hole for years to come. That’s when I try to help. Imagine coming home to find your two-year-old daughter has been run over or your partner has died while you were shopping? When we experience such devastation it’s hard to see how we will ever cope again. That’s where I can step in and open communication with the loved one who has left that final goodbye finding out actually happened, or a simple “I love you” has a big impact.

The stereotypical image of psychics is all the gypsy fortuneteller in a tent with a crystal ball. How representative is such an image in today’s world?

I don’t know if this is accurate anymore. I, myself, have not come across a gypsy. The image of a psychic has changed due to modern technology, especially computers and the Internet. I can do readings with anybody around the world. Skype and FaceTime make it possible to carry out personal readings anytime, anywhere and it’s easy to find me through my website. Almost all clients take the iPhone along to record readings for themselves. CD, phone readings and cassette tapes are now being replaced by new devices it is possible that some clairvoyance use crystal bowls but I have no personal knowledge of this. I tried it and found it was not the right tool for me. Every psychic will eventually find a tool that works best for them. For me clairvoyance is fast and accurate.

Do people fear “bad luck” predictions?

Fear is what stops people coming for a reading in the first place especially if they have not had one before. They are scared of what I might see and of what messages might come through. As far as “bad news” goes, it is a matter of perception. Many see it as a blessing and are grateful for the information that I pass on to them. Bad news can become something positive; it can be used to make changes or alter decisions.

Do you predict events such as lottery wins, death, weddings, accidents etc.?

Predicting is probably not the correct word here. I’ve never seen death. It is not my job to do so. I am shown images and I have learned that all of the information I am shown is what the client is ready to receive. When it comes to personal gain, e.g. lotto, I don’t get any information. If I did do you seriously believe that I would be that silly to tell you the jackpot numbers! I would cash and myself! On the other hand, I constantly see weddings, pregnancy, accidents fraud and affairs.

There is a lot of scepticism surrounding psychic abilities. Sounds simply don’t believe, what would you say to them?

Sceptics are not my issue. They have an issue. I know what I do is helpful and important. I don’t force anyone to come and see me. It is done by free choice. If nobody gets anything out of a reading I would have no clients but I have a very high number of returning customers. For sceptics, seeing is believing whereas I can set up believing is seeing.

Do clients contact you because they want to make contact with people who have passed over or do they want you your predictions/advice on every day matters?

Some clients want to connect with loved ones and have passed over and some come to inquire about day-to-day problems. If someone wants to connect with a loved one that has crossed over, I often find that once I connection is established, people on the other side want to communicate and I’d stop. Sometimes, they show concern for and what messages passed on to people who aren’t present. Clients also ask about all sorts of things such as whether their partner is having an affair, is there a new job coming up or is a house move likely?

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eLocal Magazine, August 2018, Edition 209

Although he usually needs to meditate and focus on something before a vision will come, Wolf admits that on the odd occasion, the spiritual world has been quite insistent. “I don’t know why, I don’t question it, I just go with the information I’ve been given.”

elocal magazine article

The son of a minister and teacher, Wolf has been able to enter over to the other realm since he was young, but it wasn’t until he was an adult that he came to the realisation that not everyone could see what he could. “Once I started to take it more seriously, more and more things came through.”

Born in Germany, Wolf saw himself immigrating to New Zealand long before he arrived her in 1989. As time went by he began to notice more serendipitous events talking place. “I started to take my psychic gift seriously and took Tarot lessons for five years, but it wasn’t long before I was able to see outcomes without the need to refer to the cards.”

While he works a regular job, in the travel industry he is available for readings and mediates prior to a meeting with a customer. “Often visions will come to me before I have even met the person who I am reading for. Many of my clients’ relatives come in from the other side and are very keen to talk to me. I usually get a good idea of what the reading will be about.”

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