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I have always had good eyesight. So when I am in a psychic reading it is like watching a movie. I relay to you what I get shown. I get told names and numbers (e.g. birth dates) as well. A psychic reading will take approximately one hour and all information given to you is relevant to your present life. The psychic readings are done on a person to person base or can be done via www.skype.com.

I do require that you are 20 years old to do a reading with me. If you are younger you will need to be accompanied by a parent. I am located in Pukekohe East.

I currently charge NZ$100.00 per psychic reading from Monday to Friday to 06.00 pm. Weekend and appointments after 6.00 pm are $120 per reading. If you have made an appointment please contact me if you can not make it. I have other clients waiting and missing out if you are not turning up for the reading. Readings on Skype, FaceTime and Messanger are available and require a prepurchase through this website.