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I have always had good eyesight. So when I am in a psychic reading it is like watching a movie. I relay to you what I get shown. I get told names and numbers (e.g. birth dates) as well. A psychic reading will take approximately one hour and all information given to you is relevant to your present life. The psychic readings are done online using Zoom or WhatsApp or something else. Please make sure that you are comfortable to use these platforms and have all downloads done beforehand.

I do require that you are 20 years old to do a reading with me. If you are younger you will need to be accompanied by a parent.

I currently charge NZ$120.00 per psychic reading from Monday to Friday to 07.00 pm. Saturdays appointment on request. If you have made an appointment please contact me if you can not make it. I have other clients waiting and missing out if you are not turning up for the reading. All my Readings are  on Zoom , FaceTime and What’s App and require a prepurchase through this website.