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Read what people have said about their reading with Wolfram.

Hi Wolf thank you so much for helping with clarity,you have an amazing gift of insight you gave me answers to questions I have had for years ( although I didn’t need to ask them) buthave not been able to put the pieces together, all is clear now. I highly recommend you. So far been nothing but positive outcome for my plansI have shared. Thank you Carlene

Auckland 14 August2021

Wolf, Thank you for your reading last night. You have been very generous with your time. I am looking forward to exciting times.
Regards Yvonne, 05 September 2018

Wolf, thank you for the reading. It gave me a lot of hope that I will be ok when I am off to Los Angeles and I am very excited. Thank you again.
Aria, 13 June 2018

Wolf, Thank you for the amazing reading you gave me, it was very enlightening to say the least and so grateful for all the information that came through from my wonderful husband. His body my never be here but his spirit will always be. Many thanks.
Liz,  Auckland,  25 August 2018

Dear Wolfram

Thank you for doing my reading today on such short notice. I’ve always believed in psychics and people with a gift so the experience was immensely exciting. All the information you saw was so accurate that I would love to do another one in a year or so. Thank you again it was wonderful.
Alesha, Pukekohe, May 2017

Hi Wolf,
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart .The reading has given our family so much hope for the future.What you have is such an amazing gift, and will book in again next year for more inspiration.Have a very merry Christmas and safe new year.

Kind regards
Mandy,  Auckland,  December 2016

Wolf, Thank you very much for the reading yesterday. It has had a very positive impact on my family and me.Thanks again.
Taran,  Auckland,  23 February 2013

Hi Wolf, I had a reading with you in November 2012, and I just wanted to thank you from the depths of my soul. You provided me with everything i needed and i was amazed at the things that were brought to light, it all made so much sense. I have had other readings in the past, but nothing that equalled the time I spent with you. Also a big thank you for somehow unlocking some blocks in me, I now experiencing some of the gifts I was given as a child again, which I thought were gone. Much love and blessings:)
Mirielle , Westcoast NZ, 21 January 2013

Hi Wolf , Thank you very much.The reading was amazing glad I did it. A big weight is lifted off my shoulders. You have an amazing gift .I hope to see you again when I feel that I need to. Thank you again.
Kiri, Auckland, 04 December 2012

Hi Wolf , thanks for the reading. It was great meeting with you. Thank you again.

Regards Enrique, Los Angeles, 23 October 2012

“I had a very interesting reading with Wolf, I have always been on the fence when it comes to psychics, I saw one a couple of years ago and it left me questioning the whole thing. The things and people that were mentioned were very specific to myself. A portion of the reading was more like being giving guidance and encouragement with your ideas, which one could relate to whatever they liked. I found nothing wrong with this, as it did inspire me to pick up an old project I have always wanted to do something with, which I am now strongly pursuing. Wolf certainly has a gift, and I would recommend to anybody interested in this sort of thing, because you won’t be disappointed. Just go with an open mind!”

Byron,  Auckland, 9th October 2012

Hi Wolf,
 I also want to Thank You for the reading, and the generous time that you spent with me, I really appreciated, that was very nice. I was worry about the CD, since you were in San Francisco I thought it got lost, is good to know that is coming, I look forward on meeting you again.
Monica F. Santa Monica, California 4th October 2012

I went to see Wolf and did not expect to receive the type of reading that I did. He comes across as a very nice man and I felt very comfortable talking to him. One of the things he told me was quite shocking as there is no way anyone would have known about it and especially someone I met the first time. That specific thing he saw has just come to pass- which is incredible. Wolf certainly has a wonderful gift and I would recommend him to anyone direction, confirmations, relief and some kind of peace. I am most definitely going to see him again soon. Thank you so much for listening to me and the CD you provided is invaluable.
Fareena, Auckland, 4th February 2012

Dear Wolf
I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing my life has been since I had my reading with you in Los Angeles!
At the time much of what came to you, and said to me didn’t make much sense. But as the days and weeks have gone by I have been absolutely amazed at the things surfacing from what you told me. I must admit the old cliche I was sceptical, but now have a renewed respect for your gift. The answer to a difficult family situation was answered through spirit speaking through you at the reading, and the impact of that has affected many many lives for the better. Mine and my parents personal and professional lives have been truly enriched by your reading. Amazing, Thank you my friend until we meet again:-)
Jose, Los Angeles, 11 October 2011

Hi Wolf
My reading with Wolf was very good, I’ve seen many psychics over the years and Wolf is very good at what he does. I found that it was important to know your questions and to ask them during the reading, once a question was asked the answer came through Wolf immediately and accurately. The information and advice that came through was true and urgent in my case. I did take the advice and saw immediately what kind of trouble I would have been in if I hadn’t. I already had this idea in my mind before seeing Wolf, but I had blockages and needed some confirmation and this is what I found with Wolf. All in all, an excellent reading and I would definitely see him again.
Leanne, Kerikeri, 26 July 2011

Hi Wolf
Thank you for the reading. It gave me great piece of mind to that my dad came thru. It was amazing what you knew of the past and what was going to happen in the future, Even more so with my daughter going to america, unreal how you could have known all that. I look forward to having another reading in the future, and certainly you will be highly recommended. Many thanks once again Wolf.
Diane, Kerikeri, July 2011

Hey Wolf,

Thanks so much for that reading. You made me feel a lot better and also my dad knowing that he didn’t kill my dog. I was so down , but knowing that he was in pain and he is now better makes me feel a lot better. I will not get a dog soon, but when I do I hope Lupe comes back! I feel comfort to know that he may be around and really hope I see him soon!Hope the info about my boyfriend is not right but who knows.
Kind regards Steve, Manukau, June 2011

Wolf , Having never met Wolf before I couldn’t believe how accurate Wolf could be in the perceptions he gained of myself and my family. The movie clips of my life that he visualised and relayed to me were incredibly relevant. In terms of my work situation he was right on the button.  He said he could see me applying for a job and getting it.  This was an enormous comfort for me at the time but more importantly a few weeks later that was exactly what happened. Thank you Wolf for sewing the seed.  The vision he described of our cluttered and junk filled shed was also spot on.  He suggested dejunking, out with the old to make way for the new.  Obviously this is work in progress, but we did make a start and felt pleased with what we achieved that next weekend.  I really valued the sensible life messages that Wolf reiterated. In the hour session with Wolf my state of deep sadness, anger and confusion were replaced with happy, joyful feelings of good things to come.   It was so empowering to have Wolf put a smile back on my face and a skip in my step as he made sense of my current life situation. Our lives continue to unfold as planned, with the choices we make.

I highly recommend Wolf to anyone who is open to the work of clairvoyants.
God bless you Wolf!
Barbara,  Southland, 19 January 2011

To whom it may concern, Have met over the past few years a number of Sensitive’s or psychics and it amazes me how different they all are and so very interesting. I would put Wolf near the top of the list when it comes to his gift, he is a down to earth person with a good sense of humor and a type of personality I found easy to relate to as well as a lovely accent. I felt very comfortable as soon as I met him and I quickly noticed his positive energy, he has a kindness and compassion that is not that common in these days. The information I got from Wolf concerning my job ( which was the reason I was there) was great. I have been working with the dying for some years now and he answered questions that have been puzzling me for a very long time, it is so satisfying to know I am doing what I meant to be and loving it.

Thank you- wolf I can so admire you as a person with such a special gift, it is a comfort for all the people you help including myself, you are such an inspiration.I would recommend Wolf to anyone who is serious about Psychic readings.
Cheers Sue , Invercargill, 02 February 2011

When I was given the opportunity to have a reading with Wolf I was very excited. It is always great having someone new come into the area to share with us their amazing gifts. Wolfs style of giving readings and receiving messages from spirit is unique to himself and something I have never experienced before in a reading.The first thing I noticed was Wolfs beautiful energy, he makes you feel calm and relaxed before he starts your reading which was very comforting. Wolf was very precise and accurate with my children and husband, offering me advice for them when it was necessary, which has helped me immensely and definetely made some things a lot clearer for me. Wolf gave me some very appropriate and good timing advice, which I will keep very close to my heart forever. I highly recommend Wolf to anyone with an open mind towards people with these amazing gifts, he is much more than just a psychic. Wolf is a wonderful grounded man that speaks from his heart with such compassion I have been truly blessed to have had this opportunity given to me. Oh I forgot to mention his wickedly superb sense of humor!!!! Until next time Wolf…..Thank you so much.

Dorothy, Southland, January 2011

Dear Wolfram, thank you from the bottom of my heart for my reading in Kerikeri yesterday. I wondered why I felt the deep urge to make an appointment, but I can say that I knew half way through the reading the answer. Very astute spiritually and as I had no expectations just knowing that I had to be in your presence; the reading lead me to new pathways. Your sensitivity made me feel safe and I like the fact that I have a recorded CD for future reference. I found my whole being was vibrating and this remained with me for the rest of the afternoon. It is hard to find the words to describe my experience; all I can say is I am grateful and so thankful to you Psychic Wolf. I have started alredy to research Reiki. My hands and myself say in love, thank you.

Schelle, Kerikeri  11/02/2011

July 2010

Dear Psychic Wolf

I am writing to thank you for an absolutely amazing reading that you did for me in 2009. At the time I was fairly skeptical about some of the information you gave me and how accurate it would be.

As you probably realize 99% of what you said has come true. I was also amazed at the detail of things you knew at the time of my reading.

I can’t wait for my next reading.


To whom it may concern

I asked Wolf for a reading mid 2010. I went into the reading with an open mind, not really knowing what to expect.

I found the reading to be frighteningly correct, with Wolf telling me several things about my personal health that he could not possibly have been told or found out from a third party.

Upon completion of the reading, I was presented with a CD of the reading. The audio of the reading was not particular great, but was adequate.

Looking forward to further readings.

Norman, Southland , July 2010

Over the past two Years Wolf has not only provided accurate readings for myself, family and friends, but he has also been my spiritual teacher, mentor and friend.

I would recommend Wolf’s services to everyone.

June 2010

Dear Wolf

Thanks for giving me direction. I came to you because I was at a cross roads with my business and many other aspects of my life.

You were correct about many things…my business partner,my in balance with work/personal life and the health of several family members. You say your advice is only a guide and should be used as such, but how can one not follow it to the letter when you have been correct with everything so far. You also said you rely on the information that is coming to you and that you can only tell me what you hear. I forgot to ask who was speaking to you on my behalf, but whoever it was knew me pretty well and even though I didn’t give you much to go on you gave me a lot of helpful advice. I will see the medical expert you advised and I will be damn careful with that business contract. Ill even try to have more balance…..Thanks buddy.

Belinda , Epsom .  20 July 2010

Several Years ago I had a reading that left me feeling”raw” and unbalanced – with unresolved questions. It was not a very positive experience- and because of this I was hesitant to seek out another!

After my Reading with Wolf- I feel positive and balanced-Yeah!! He has a gentle and generous approach as he guides you through the messages from the spiritual world. These ” Insights” were not only for myself, but also my loved ones and have given me an understanding and perspective that I would call a special gift!

Thank you Wolf for taking me on this “journey”-it feels great to connect with spirit.

Liza, Auckland, 15 August 2010