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What is life?

What is life? The best explanation I have ever found was in a book by Neal Donald Walsh and it goes like this. It is an experience.

I assume you as a reader now what a lava lamp is. Imagine the wax at the bottom is your soul. Now every soul wants to grow and the quickest way to do so is by experience. It has the desire to experience everything it can you name it. Hot or cold , left or right, love and hurt and so on. To do so it sends out spirits, like those bubbles in the lava lamp. Those spirits can attach and occupy a physical body. So you don’t have to learn anything, you are here to experience. So what happens when you have achieved what you set out to do? Back to the lava lamp, the red hot wax bubble goes back down and yes it dies. Then the amazing thing happens and a new wax bubble forms and goes upward again. Imagine we are the red wax bubble and when we die our spirit will leave its body , to instantly be reborn in a new existence . A transformation, unstoppable.
Therefore unless your spirit agrees to it you can not die, only to transform into a different existence by being born again.

During my readings I deal a lot with suicides. In particular for the last year since we are in lockdown the numbers are going up. A suicide is a very interesting phenomenon that is throwing the whole universe into turmoil. Reason being your soul put you on a pathway to experience. But now you have stopped that experience by taking your own life. There is actually no plan B for that. Remember your soul still wants to know what the experience is like. Guess what , after some serious nurturing, healing and caring this spirit has to go through this experience again in a different lifetime. Readings dealing with suicide are the most difficult ones I am doing.