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What is like to die?

What is it like to die? I get that question asked frequently. First of all at some stage the physical body you are occupying right now, will cease to exist. That’s what is commonly called dying. But there is a lot more to it. You can not die unless your spirit is agreeing to it! Now it gets interesting what death actually is. Death does not exist without birth. The moment you were born here, the exact same time you died somewhere else. When you are going to die here on earth, you will be born somewhere else. So you are actually transforming rather than dying. Therefore when I do my readings, I am still talking to spirits that used to occupy a body on planet earth. But now have moved on to different realm, where they don’t need their physical body anymore. Once you understand that, it makes living a lot more enjoyable. As finality actually doesn’t exist, there is no need of being afraid of certain aspects. The fear of not enough, fear of dying, the fear of running out of time or the fear of missing out is not real. Imagine your life is a dream, when you die you wake up into reality. When that happens, there is a welcome committee to take you on and embrace you with unconditional love. These are usually spirits that have been part of your earthly experience. You will see very bright lights and sense a warmth like nothing before. As anyone can tell you that had a near death experience. I have been there myself when I go into deep meditation. It is a very amazing experience.